Starting JULY 1, 2019, I will be closing my custom order books to focus on a long list of custom builds already on the books, and to develop and explore new processes.

I am not currently accepting any new orders, HOWEVER, if you have a special project in mind for me, just shoot me an email and I will put it into consideration

This will give me the opportunity to offer some of the most innovative handmade kitchen knives in the world, which can only be purchased by signing up for my mailing list.

So Please, Sign up! I’m going to make it well worth your time by offering you exclusive opportunities to see my latest work, tips, tricks, real talk about knives and learn more about what I am up to from new machines I am building, how my garden is growing, books I am reading, etc…..These will not be frequent, likely every month or so, and I will NEVER share any of your information…..My goal is to create a closer relationship with you, and be able to offer you as much value as I can, because, I am so grateful for your support (whether you own my knives or not!) So, I hope you sign up, it will be the best decision you made all day!