San-Mai Nakiri- Featured in Garden and Gun Magazine

San-Mai Nakiri- Featured in Garden and Gun Magazine


This San-Mai Nakiri featured in the Febuary-March issue of Garden and Gun Magazine is constructed by meticulously forging pieces of a 200 year old wrought iron wagon wheel over a 100+ year old high carbon saw mill blade with a fine layer of pure nickel in between the layers to help set off the contrast created by the heavily figured wrought iron cladding. The handle is constructed with a paperstone bolster, a countertop material made from recycled paper; followed by carbon fiber/brass spacers and stabilized cherry wood burl. This is an absolutely superb knife that contains hundreds of year of history and made to last hundreds of years more.

Length of blade is 7.25”

with an OAL of 12.5”

weight is 8.7 oz

balance point just forward the bolester at the touch-mark

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